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We have a distinctive point of view: the metaverse is a continuum, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models.

In the next decade, it will revolutionize almost every aspect of life and business, allowing collaboration in virtual spaces, augmented by physical locations, and combining the two. And it will create new lines of business and transform interactions between customers and companies.
Right now, businesses are striving for a future that is very different from the one they were created for. Soon every company will be at the intersection of many new worlds, from creating new physical and virtual realities to delivering services in environments created by others.

We believe that the metaverse can best be described as an evolution of the modern Internet – it’s something we dive into, not something we look at. This could fulfill the promise of vast digital worlds parallel to our physical one. For marketers, the metaverse represents an opportunity to engage consumers in entirely new ways, pushing brand in-house capabilities and innovation in new directions.

  • The Metaverse includes immersive environments, often (but not always) using virtual or augmented reality technologies. The Metaverse is “always on” and exists in real time. 
  • The Metaverse spans the virtual and physical worlds, as well as multiple platforms. The Metaverse is based on a fully functioning virtual economy, often (but not always) built on cryptocurrencies and digital goods and assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 
  • The Metaverse allows people to have a virtual identity, presence, and “agency”, including peer-to-peer interactions, transactions, user-generated content, and “world building”. 


It’s time to think big, start small and scale fast.


Create and create new shared experiences that span the full spectrum of our real world, virtual world, and in between, shaping the future of the metaverse continuum.

Learn and shape

As a pioneer of innovation, you will learn the art of imagining what has never been done before. You'll help clients navigate a challenging learning curve and tune their vision to value by learning, tweaking the vision, and leveraging metaverse technologies to articulate their strategy in compelling storytelling—all in a responsible way.

Set strategy

As an innovator, you will apply creativity, technology, and industry expertise to help clients prioritize opportunities and set strategies that transform their business and add value to the metaverse. Experts in brand strategy, expertise, product and technology strategy, and NFT/token strategy will find their place here.

Build and operate

As an innovative technologist passionate about new technologies and their transformation, you will design, create and use the possibilities of the metaverse on platforms and services (such as Roblox, Fortnite, Sandbox, Decentraland, AltSpace, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Niantic). using content management and 3D trading skills while developing relationships with ecosystem and community partners.

Sell and deliver

As an innovation marketer, you will help customers harness the power of the metaverse by bringing new experiences and value to digital places where people can gather, work, connect and shop.

The Metaverse will significantly affect our commercial and personal lives.

investments flowed into the metaverse in 2022
$ b+
consumers active in the metaverse made a purchase
> %
Corporate income is expected to come from the metaverse in the next 5 years, according to 25% of senior executives.
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How we help our clients

Learn and shape

Set a strategy

Through creativity, technology and deep industry experience, we work with clients to prioritize opportunities and set strategies that drive business transformation. Our strategic services span a continuum of business strategy needs including marketing and branding; customer experience; digital identification; digital products and services; digital commerce, including NFTs/tokens; the future of work; technologies and strategies of the operating model.

Build and operate

Meet me in the Metaverse: Four Trends

Programmable world

Ценность новых виртуальных миров была бы ограничена, если бы не параллельные изменения, закрепляющие их в физическом мире. Компании отслеживает, как технологии существуют в нашей физической среде, все более изощренными способами. В нем показано, как конвергенция новых технологий, таких как 5G, меняет способ взаимодействия бизнеса с физическим миром. Вскоре мы сможем открыть беспрецедентный уровень контроля, автоматизации и персонализации.


Companies will need experience with multiple blockchains and relationships with various consortiums. Due to the distributed nature of Web3, they also need to find partners to enter the market.

Calculating the Impossible

Finally, we will reset the boundaries of traditional industries by starting Computing the Impossible. The outer limit of computing power is breaking down as a new class of machines emerges. Quantum, biological and high-performance computers enable companies to solve the most complex problems in their industries.


“Unrealistic” qualities are becoming inherent in AI and even in the data that enterprises use. But it is also used by attackers, from deepfakes to bots and more. Like it or not, businesses have found themselves at the forefront of a world wondering what's real and what's not, and whether the line between the two really matters.


Strategy and consulting

Strategy and consulting


Digital identity protection


Meet me in the metaverse

The physical world comes alive with new possibilities, environment after environment, each with its own rules. We already have small smart physical worlds like smart factories, smart cruise ships and automated ports. Tomorrow we will see them grow into smart neighborhoods, cities and countries where massive digital twins mirror physical reality. And purely digital worlds are also expanding. Large companies will have their own internal metaverses so that employees can work and interact from anywhere. In our spare time, new consumer metaverses will take us to almost any world we can imagine to play games, socialize or relax.


Six Reasons the Metaverse Isn't Going Anywhere

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In addition, Marrberry is experienced in assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operations and product planning, including R&D, go-to-market models, marketing strategy and brand management.


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