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Sustainability & Responsibility

An integrated approach that connects sustainability to your strategy—and to results

We have extensive experience in helping businesses and non-governmental organizations in various sectors to define and achieve their sustainability goals.

The usual rules of business do not stop when it comes to sustainability and responsibility. Pragmatic solutions still matter. So is the return on investment. That’s why we make sure your strategy, operations, and customer value proposition don’t just take sustainability into account, but make the most of the opportunities it presents. 

We can help you embed sustainability principles into every aspect of your strategy and operations to address everything from energy and emissions to investment and due diligence. 

Our sustainability consulting expertise extends to cardboard recycling, plastics and sustainable materials, food and natural systems, supply chain optimization, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We work with clients to lead the wave of innovation and economic growth that protects our planet and promotes sustainability.


Incorporate sustainability into your core strategy so that it is future-proof and makes the most of the many opportunities that sustainability provides.


Make your operations more environmentally and socially sustainable while improving efficiency and addressing key risk management challenges.

customer value

Sustainability provides many opportunities to develop differentiated offerings for your customers.


Only 4% of companies achieve their sustainability goals. We can help you overcome barriers and organize for success.

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How we help our clients

Cyclicity and environmentally friendly materials

Sustainable food and natural systems

Can the world population, which is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, live well and sustainably on a healthy planet? Yes, and our Leadership Guide to Transforming the Food System, developed in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, can play an important role.

Sustainable supply chains and operations

ESG investment

Sustainability presents a range of opportunities and risks for investors. As a leading advisor to the private equity industry, its key stakeholders and other investors, we provide the expertise you need to achieve sustainable returns from your sustainability strategy.

Changing of the climate

How to achieve company sustainability?

Conduct a thorough business process audit

Where the financial component is only part of the overall picture. Involve representatives from different disciplines in the process.

Define mission and values

The implementation of the strategy depends on the clarity of the mission. Remember that the main task is to help the company grow with the market and use the available resources, and not introduce innovations that will destroy the business.

Remember Responsibility and Results

During the implementation phase, remember to constantly check whether your actions are in line with the mission. If the goal of a company is to report on its activities on the basis of international standards, then it must first learn how to properly collect and analyze the results. Here it is advisable to recall that it is environmental, social and management criteria that enable the company to effectively manage all business processes, set clear KPIs and track dynamics in order to see the company at the micro and macro levels.

Outline the problem and goals

The decision to move in the direction of sustainable development is taken unilaterally. Define what “sustainability” means for your company, the understanding of the main drivers of change converges, what you have already done in this direction and what result you have received. Ask yourself the right questions. Does the company attract progressive staff? What impact does the company have on the environment?

Go to strategy

When developing a sustainability strategy, it is important to remember that staying profitable is a top priority for a company. You cannot contribute to global goals if you have devastation in other directions. And a well-constructed strategy just helps to increase capitalization and enter new markets.



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