We help companies conquer their markets to drive profitable growth.

We help reimagine customer experience and smart operations in line with new retail rules, with digital investment becoming increasingly important to meet new consumer needs and fend off new competitors.

Retailers need more than a good deal to make a sale and win back loyal customers. A winning position requires superior strategy, compelling merchandising, efficient operations, targeted marketing, solid organization and reliable technology.
Many retail companies are data-rich, but they have yet to use it as a real business driver. Now nothing less will do. Marrbery helps retailers prioritize digital as part of an agile retail strategy that is more responsive than ever before. Mаrrbery also advises retailers seeking to create and fund new sources of growth-whether digital, in-house or startup ventures, or mergers and acquisitions.

Помогая клиентам создавать ценность, трансформировать свой бизнес и повышать производительность

What industries do we work in?

Our experts are ready to help you not only to overcome new obstacles, but also to get ahead of the competition.

Fashion and luxury

Marrbery owns its own brand in fashion and luxury goods, we help many companies in each category create a unique brand and develop winning strategies to gain a competitive edge.


We help product organizations across the industry ensure that their strategy delivers short-term results and enables them to win in the future.

Supermarkets hypermarkets

We help companies with the entire range of in-demand technical solutions and digital. As a result of implementation, store attendance increases, the average check rises, and the loyalty of the target audience increases.


The pace of innovation in the restaurant industry has accelerated. Rapid changes in consumer behavior and digital technology are forcing companies to reinvent every aspect of the business.

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How we help clients


Commercial transformation




Big data and advanced analytics:

Change management and implementation

Investments and financing

What we're doing

Digital and multi-channel excellence

We partner with clients to leverage the opportunities presented by new platforms, develop comprehensive multichannel strategies, and help them improve their overall digital performance.

Data analytics

We apply advanced analytics to help retailers identify data-driven improvement opportunities in all aspects of their commercial offering.

Transformation with technology

We offer a holistic approach to transformation that encompasses business, organization and technology. Through a holistic transformation framework, we help overcome the trap of constant digitalization learning and make digital technology and analytics a real driver of business success. Our approach to advanced analytics combines a robust delivery process with a collaborative team of specialists supported by proprietary technologies and products.


Retail workforce

Re-focusing the future of work on skills and scaling a future-ready retail and corporate workforce.

Cloud for retail

Protect your technology for the future with the cloud and partner with ecosystems to enable fast and flexible customer interactions.

Retail Merchandising

The role of the “retailer” is being reinvented through automation to provide predictive insight.

Retail supply chain

Prepare your local supply chain for the future to strategically meet changing consumer preferences, including “last mile” and sustainable delivery.

Retail Search

Turn retail sourcing into a strategic asset for retailers by refocusing this function on digital ways of working.

Our B2B Sales Solution

Marrbery  team of E-commerce specialists assists retailers, brands, online stores, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers with the full cycle of services from contracting to sales and delivery through our own tools and competencies. Develop your brand with our company.


This practical experience of ours will help you:


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What will be the fashion?

What benefits digital fashion brings to the brand. The fashion market will not live by the old laws. A new segment of digital fashion, but it has every chance of becoming the king of the fashion industry.


The store of the future - what will it be like?

The stores of the future will give the customer much more value than just a purchase, satisfy their social needs by providing new opportunities for communication and entertainment, enhanced by interesting communication.

Explore our experience in the consumer goods industry and beyond

In addition, Marrbery has experience assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operations and product planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy and brand management.

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Transformation of the enterprise
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