Business and Organizational Purpose

Defining your business purpose is not a creative writing exercise. And senior management can't develop your organizational goal in a meeting or buy it from an agency. We know this because so many companies have turned to us when such efforts don't result in improved performance.

Why does purpose matter?

Embracing corporate purpose is not about signaling virtue or following the latest business trends. It's about increasing your top and bottom line performance through growth and profit; attracting, retaining and activating employees; achieving social impact; and inspiring customers. Consider the profound impact of purpose:


Over the past 5 years, goal-oriented organizations have grown 10% faster than the market. They have also reduced turnover, saving an average of 1.5 million USD per year.

Great value

Over the past 12 years, brands with a strong sense of purpose have increased their value by an average of 175% compared to an average growth rate of 86%.


Over the next 15 years, organizations using more focused language are expected to earn 9% more and generate 10% more growth than they do today.

What is the purpose of the business?

Your organizational purpose lies at the intersection of who you are and what needs you meet in the world. It is the primary reason your organization exists.

We think of it this way: although the mission and vision may change over time, the purpose of your company will remain the same. Your organizational purpose is eternal.

What does MARRBERY give to business goals?

Many of our clients seek to define the purpose of their business in order to gain organizational clarity, coherence and meaning at a critical point in their development. Some are engaged in large-scale business transformation . Others are facing or in the midst of a leadership change. Others are at a tipping point in their organization's trajectory, seeking to change or accelerate their business. To help you find your organizational purpose, we go beyond what you produce or sell. We uncover the human ideas that get to the core of what you bring to the world. And we open an aperture for you to look at your business and opportunities through a much broader lens. Then the purpose has to be activated and embedded throughout the organization - in people and culture , strategy and operations, branding and communications. Only after implementing purpose throughout your organization will your company realize the full impact on its performance.

Learn more about business and organizational purpose

The field of business purpose consulting has become more crowded. Marrbery, the target company, is unique in both its point of view and approach.


We provide a holistic, end-to-end offering for business and organizational purposes.


Next, we count on your leadership team to start spreading your purpose throughout the organization.

Intelligent leadership on business and organizational goals will help you understand the power of purpose and how to unlock it.

We provide a holistic, end-to-end offering for business and organizational purposes.

Our expertise will help you not only formulate, but also implement your purpose and make sure you realize its value to your employees and profits.

Our methodology uses the power of purpose to transform organizations. And our revolutionary concepts help you embed purpose into your company’s leadership, marketing and innovation. We begin the journey by identifying and prioritizing where you can put purpose into action every day; we end it by measuring the impact of that vital purpose on your entire organization.


Our approach includes a unique advantage: our own network of luminaries who can help you see your company and the world in new ways. These external subject matter experts drawn from diverse fields include world-class business leaders, academics, authors, artists and filmmakers. They play a crucial role in helping you uncover ideas that communicate the needs you are addressing in the world.

Examples of our business goals

Marrbery works with companies in all industries, as well as local organizations and nonprofits, to help companies set goals and improve efficiency.

Fashion company

GRACE sought to articulate its purpose to drive its large, complex global business around the needs of its diverse customer base.

Company in the construction industry

For Factoricum, our team provided program participants with practical guidelines for standardizing the quality of development and property management services.

Company in the digital realm

The challenge is to connect digital transformation with the overall enterprise strategy as it relates to key business metrics. We also help justify current goals and capital expenditures in the context of digital transformation.

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