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Helping investors make informed decisions

We help private equity firms make better investment decisions at every stage of the transaction lifecycle and achieve greater returns through active portfolio management.

Our work is based on the collaboration of partners, consultants and specialists with a deep understanding of private equity and the intricacies of the investment life cycle. We also advise on the strategy and development of investment companies, creating value through efficiency. 

By making sure you have the right investment thesis and winning approach strategy, we help focus your deal making and sector selection process. Most importantly, when it comes to creating new opportunities, private equity is at the forefront.

 For example, investors and firms are well positioned to make a significant impact on environmental, social and governance priorities and to create value by accelerating digital transformation. But the use of such opportunities requires new approaches to making investment decisions.

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Classics and investment trends

Delivering an unrivaled experience at every stage of closing deals


Permanent passive income. Access to world stock exchanges.


This is an ideal defensive asset that saves investors' money from devaluation, inflation and market collapse.


Bonds are securities that entitle their holder to receive a predetermined income within a specified period.

electric cars

Many large automakers are going to completely switch to cars with an electric motor in the next 10-15 years.


Technologies in industries that without them simply cannot be imagined in the future

Artificial intelligence

In the future, we will increasingly use the intellectual and cognitive functions of AI tools to enhance our own abilities and skills.

Waste management

In the near future, global funds will stop investing in companies that ignore the principles of sustainable development

space industry

This direction is likely to be further developed. Launching your little satellites, many related areas involved. Surely in the next two or three years tourist flights into space will become a reality, tickets for such flights can be bought now.

military industry

The world is changing rapidly: things that seemed fantastic 20 years ago have become commonplace.

Real estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world.


The easiest and most reliable way to invest small amounts.


Investing in art is one of the most interesting and highly profitable ways to invest.

alternative energy

Global measures to reduce carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere will also have an impact on accelerating the transition to green energy.

The medicine

Medicine will always be with us, getting spikes in events like the coronavirus.


Now it is impossible to predict how the situation with the crypto will develop. As with any high-risk asset, there are chances to make good money and lose everything.

Online education

More and more new companies will appear on the market, and leaders have been identified among those who were present earlier. Even institutes and colleges.


Daily transactions that previously required a physical visit to financial institutions can now be carried out on any device connected to the network - from a PC to a regular mobile phone.


An interesting destination that has been flying in the US and around the world for several years and will continue to grow.


Stable growth in value. Products grown without the use of chemicals are in special demand.

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Investment screening

 We help identify and evaluate investment opportunities using a systematic process to test and identify potential targets and provide proactive, investment and thematic insights.

Management database

 The governance database details the distribution of roles and responsibilities among plan sponsors, the board of directors, and management in three categories: strategic, operational, and investment.

Support Features

 In partnership with our functional practices, we offer clients comprehensive and effective solutions to build and improve support functions, from risk management to IT, human resources and finance.

Diagnosis of risk culture

Using this tool, we help our clients identify important benchmarks to proactively build a culture of risk management, mitigate future risk, and improve overall performance.

Topical research

The Marrbery team evaluates the latest developments in the private equity market, from deal making to exit planning, and evaluates their implications for investors.

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In addition, Marrbery is experienced in assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, product operations and planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy and brand management.

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