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Organization is at the core of almost everything we do at Marrberry. Armed with the right organizational structure, companies can change their business trajectory and secure long-term competitive advantage.

We believe in a simple rule of business: companies are most productive when they use the intelligence of their employees to innovate. But many business leaders are unaware of how their organizational model actually impedes flexibility, speed, cost effectiveness, and resiliency.
How do you ensure sustainable growth while maintaining a rebellious mindset? How do you increase efficiency while remaining agile? How do you launch and scale innovations while continuing to execute proven processes? We help you balance all of these factors and more, ensuring that you attract and retain talent and manage organizational change effectively.

What gives Marrbery

types of organizational change

There are as many types of organizational change as there are organizations, but most of the transformation and organizational change efforts we undertake can be divided into several broad categories. Below we highlight a few of the most common types of change.


Organizations looking to become leaders in their industries need a comprehensive digital transformation to unlock new sources of economic value. But it requires more than just technology. Top performers will combine new technology with human capabilities to become what we call a bionic organization. Although many elements of bionic organizations are well known, such as artificial intelligence, digital talent and software and services


Our deferral and zero-base budgeting approaches also support large-scale transformation and organizational change, freeing up resources to drive growth and innovation, enabling organizations to fundamentally change what they do and how they operate. And we help companies achieve and implement agile transformation across their entire organization.


More often than not, mergers and acquisitions destroy value; more than half of mergers and acquisitions fail or are ineffective. While transactions still go through, they never reach their full potential. That's because PMI's task of bringing two organizations together, each with its own processes, structure, culture, and governance, is very difficult.

Experience and influence

of business leaders say the very survival of their business is threatened by operating models that cannot keep up
leaders believe they need to completely rethink their processes and operations
Executives See Long-Term Growth

How we help clients

Leadership and Talent

Operating model

Redesign from scratch


Purpose is the ultimate “why” of a company, a statement of why it exists and what it hopes to bring to the world. Purpose-driven organizations not only inspire, they outperform others by a factor of 10.

Culture change

Behavior change

Identifying behavioral changes that bring results is the easy part. Competition? Activating and maintaining them. Our evidence-based approach helps teams work together to eliminate friction and create meaningful reinforcement, reinforcing key behaviors in your organization.


Activation of new business models

Enterprise Flexibility

Sustainable and responsible design

Digital transformation


Organizational design with zero base

Organizational Analytics

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In addition, Marrberry is experienced in assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operations and product planning, including R&D, go-to-market models, marketing strategy and brand management.


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