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Digitalize what you are doing. Revolution in how you do it

We work with companies in all industries to address a wide range of management challenges.

From procurement and cost management to supply chain efficiency and digital transformation, we help companies achieve real results today and build strategies that will be relevant in the future.

New technologies have revolutionized industrial production. As a result, smart manufacturers are turning to the factories of the future. But they must solve the critical problems of which manufacturing technologies, structures and processes to use. We use the combined power of data and digital technology to reimagine the products you make and how you make them. We call this integrated approach to digital design and modern manufacturing X.

Industry X digitizes your business every step of the way to reimagine what products and services are:

  • Developed and designed
  • Received and delivered
  • Manufactured
  • Serviced, returned and updated

In a world where you can digitize what you do and revolutionize how you do it, it becomes possible to look at products from idea to end of life and how you can recycle them.

Помогая клиентам создавать ценность, трансформировать свой бизнес и повышать производительность

Our excellence in manufacturing consulting spans all industry sub-sectors

Industry work to help customers reinvent and grow

Light industry

We work closely with apparel, footwear, knitwear manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies and vendors to develop revolutionary strategies and implement innovative practices to help you unlock the full potential of your business.

Forest products, paper and packaging

We work with companies across the entire spectrum of forest products, paper and packaging, helping them develop forward-looking strategies, achieve cost and capital efficiencies, and leverage a range of automation and digitalization technologies to optimize every aspect of their operations.

Car equipment

We combine deep knowledge of digital transformation, Industry 4.0, advanced analytics, cost transformation, organizational design and other disciplines to help you develop and execute a winning strategy.


We work with chemical clients to understand their potential, create a solid plan to reach their financial goals, and align.

real estate

With many clients around the world, our real estate consulting experience has played a key role in helping leaders in residential, commercial and industrial real estate stay ahead in the face of fierce competition.


We understand how important innovation is in the creation of medicines and equipment, tools.


Our expert metal consultants work in all regions of the world, helping many of the world's leading mining and producers of aluminium, gold, copper, iron, steel and rare elements achieve breakthrough operating efficiencies.

Infrastructure, construction and building materials

Our global network of experts can help you accelerate digital innovation, transform your cost structure, reimagine your manufacturing capabilities, and increase the resilience of your supply chains and purchasing programs.

Experience and influence

Implementation of technologies in the company
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Consulting services

How we help clients

Sales management

Identifying Market Opportunities

Consumer goods and portfolio management

Technological solutions

Our vision for production

Marrbery Manufacturing Consulting focuses our clients on three key and leading questions.



Your product, product lines and core components determine your strategic direction. What will you do yourself, and what will you buy from a supplier? What will your supply chain look like and how will you optimize it along with manufacturing operations?

  • Strategy and organization of production
  • Make-or-buy decisions
  • Risk management and resilience
Take control


You must decide not only where your factories and distribution centers are located, but also how they are optimized in terms of regulations, logistics, taxes and duties. Marrbery helps customers make better decisions by analyzing future demand patterns, shipping and logistics cost drivers, and production and supply needs. We help through our:

  • Advanced production network optimization tools
  • Global Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness Index


Marrbery helps you evaluate your supply chain. We view your global manufacturing operations through an integrated lens, and this comprehensive and holistic perspective ensures that everything from your lean manufacturing practices to your use of advanced robotics performs to world-class standards, from start to finish. We will help you imagine and build:

  • Factories of the future using Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Maintenance and production strategies
  • Logistics opportunities
  • Lean manufacturing systems
  • Quality processes
Modern technologies


Our ability to create a quality roadmap for sellers is in high demand, especially in companies that develop and implement various products based on innovation. We help develop:

  • for leaders;
  • sales staff.

What are we doing

Smart Design

Bringing new ideas, products and services to market with increased efficiency and speed.

Enabling a product as a service

Increasing customer revenue streams by helping them adapt to business as a service.

Product platform and systems development

Build smart connected products that deliver vital digital analytics and drive organizational change.

Capital projects

Digitization of large infrastructure projects for their implementation on time and in accordance with the budget.

Production and operations

Establish connected factories and plants across multiple sites to improve management and increase efficiency.

Intelligent Asset Management

The power of data and digital technologies to improve asset reliability through self-optimizing operations.

Digital industrial workforce

Use of digital technologies to improve the safety of employees.

Autonomous robotic systems

Modernization of production for more productive and efficient interaction between man and machine.

Topical research

Next generation application management

Companies are undergoing radical change driven by digitalisation, automation, electrification and industrial consumerism. At the heart of this revolution are applications that can make businesses more efficient, effective and innovative.

Check out our experience in the glass industry or others

In addition, Marrbery is experienced in assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, product operations and planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy and brand management.

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Data and analytics
Enterprise transformation
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