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What benefits digital fashion brings to the brand.  The fashion market will not live by the old laws.  A new segment of digital fashion, but it has every chance of becoming the king of the fashion industry.


The physical world is alive with new possibilities, environment after environment, each with its own rules. We already have small smart physical worlds like smart factories, smart cruise ships and automated ports.


Vertical farming is the future. It solves so many problems that traditional agriculture has faced for centuries. But one problem still exists, and it discourages agribusinesses and technology companies from going vertical: It is not easy to implement vertical farming technologies in greenhouses to make it profitable at scale.

Forest Products, Paper & Packaging

Companies are undergoing radical change, it’s time to let the world know that plastic packaging belongs to the past. Pack your product in biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.


How successful companies maximize the ROI of digital operations.

Health Care

Technologies based on big data processing can take modern medicine to a fundamentally new level. With the help of autonomous monitoring of patient indicators, specialists will be able to prevent the occurrence of diseases instead of fighting them after the fact.

Energy and renewable energy sources

Electrification, and digitalization are converging, and smarter and more tightly coupled electrical systems are emerging. They promise greater reliability, safety, environmental friendliness, and optimal capacity utilization. 


The stores of the future will provide the customer with much more value than just a purchase, satisfying his social needs, providing new opportunities for communication and entertainment, enhanced by interesting communication.

How successful companies maximize the return on digitalization of their operations.



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