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Times of change mean changing practices, products and organizational structures for the forestry, paper and packaging industries.

The forestry and packaging industries must draw on their roots to create new products, innovate new ways of doing business, and seek out new ventures. Marrbery has industry knowledge, global reach and tools to help.

Digitalization and sustainability pose challenges for virtually every industry, but for pulp and packaging companies, the challenges are two-pronged. Digitalization, for example, has greatly reduced demand for newsprint, magazine and office paper, but it also presents tremendous opportunities to improve operations, facilitate e-commerce and even create new forms of “smart” packaging. Flexible and rigid plastic and metal packaging presents both opportunities and challenges, as well as a strong focus on sustainability: companies in the beverage, food, durable goods, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging subsectors are focusing on renewable and recyclable materials, circularity, emissions reduction and a range of related issues.
In addressing these issues, companies are also grappling with industry consolidation, dramatic increases in capital investment and a host of global trade barriers.
 We work with companies across the entire spectrum of lumber, paper and packaging, helping them to develop forward-thinking strategies, drive cost and capital efficiencies, and apply a range of automation and digital technologies to optimize every aspect of their operations. We also have in-depth knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, organizational design, process management, portfolio transformation and other disciplines. We have helped companies in all sub-industries, including specialty paper, printing paper, sanitary products, wood products, biochemicals, pulp, packaging and forestry, set bold goals and execute flawlessly. We understand the specific challenges of the developing world, as well as those that prevail in developed markets. Regardless of your category, we can help you improve every aspect of your organization so that it thrives in the face of intense change. 

Our approach

Solutions for the forestry, paper and packaging industries

In addition to our own industry knowledge, Marrbery offers ready-to-use market models, toolkits and databases for working with forest products, paper and packaging customers. Project work covers key functional topics, including:

Digital transformation
Operations including people and organization
Corporate development and strategy
Manufacturing and Process Improvements
Sales planning
Supply chain
Intelligent Factory Systems
New business opportunities, including new ventures, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

The use of packaging paper in different areas

Consumers are not only individuals, but also organizations engaged in the following activities.

Food industry

personal hygiene

Packaging sphere


building products

fashion industry

Experience and influence

Responsibilities for the past decade
Increased sales
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Increased profitability

How we help clients

Advanced Analytics


We help clients develop specific marketing approaches to add value in their respective regions, brand portfolios, product categories and competitive environments.


We advise companies across the beauty ecosystem, from large, established companies and retailers to small disruptive brands and contract manufacturers, on how to navigate this changing landscape and successfully position themselves in this category.

Digital and multi-channel excellence

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the relationship between brands and consumers. This provides an unprecedented scale of interactivity, viral marketing and user-generated content.

Consumer health

The consumer health industry is booming, fueled by an aging population, the proliferation of health-related products and services, growing sources of health-related information, and consumers’ desire to take control of their health. However, a growing number of smaller niche players entering the market, digitization, price transparency, regulatory changes and consumer value awareness highlight the need for change.


In response to consumer demand and competitive pressures, consumer goods companies are calling on their operating units to do more with less. At the same time, operations must remain flexible to support innovation and manage complexity.

What are we doing

Digitization of operations


Operational strategy

We work with leading consumer products companies to identify long-term paths to transform operations and help build strategies and organizations that lead to commercial growth.

Design for value and growth

We help clients develop authentic, human-centered and charismatic products, services and experiences. Our product development approach combines market intelligence, competitive intelligence and supplier insights with deep customer insights and design capabilities.

Procurement of the next generation

Cost conversion

True cost transformation is about simplifying, refocusing, and strengthening your organization so you can continue to grow and improve your customer experience. Our approach is holistic and customizable, allowing you to develop, reward and continually improve a culture of sustainable cost management to maximize your growth ahead of your competitors.

Production and supply


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Companies are undergoing radical change, it’s time to let the world know that plastic packaging belongs to the past. Pack your product in biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Check out our experience in retail and others

In addition, Marrbery is experienced in assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, product operations and planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy and brand management.

Sales growth
Data and analytics
Enterprise transformation
Resilience percentage

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