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Scale still matters, but it’s not enough

We are accelerating consumer attitudes, changing at an ever-increasing rate, and brands urgently need to understand this. It's time to think of them as people, not just consumers. This requires an increasing focus on innovation, brand purpose and sustainability.

Consumer goods companies have struggled with turbulence and upheaval for years, but not like this. The global pandemic, sweeping changes in consumer behavior, supply chain upheaval and competition from new players are just some of the factors stalling growth. The intense focus on sustainability is forcing consumers and companies at every stage of the value chain to rethink their habits, priorities and ways of doing business.

Despite these pressures, the list of top consumer products companies remains remarkably stable, a testament to the benefits of scale. By changing their portfolios, updating their go-to-market models and seeking operational efficiencies, leaders of scale have managed to stay on top – for now.

Our consumer goods consulting experience ensures that you’ll stay there. As agility and proximity to the consumer become more important, we can help you overcome disruption, anticipate risk and remain an industry leader. We can help you:

Develop a winning strategy with Marrbery Strategy: Adopt a “today forward/future backward” approach that allows you to realize your full potential in today’s business, moving quickly toward your vision of the future.
Accelerate brand growth even in slow-growth categories in mature markets using our service. 
Become a true partner to retailers by managing key accounts more effectively than ever
Turn your supply chain into a competitive weapon.
Transform your brand portfolio through strategic M&A and sales to achieve scale, tap into new areas of growth or discover new opportunities. We can help you optimize target selection, diligence and value creation, backed by the right M&A strategy and integration expertise.
Simplify, accelerate and simplify your operating models to maximize your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.
Incorporate sustainability into your strategy to turn it from a challenge to an opportunity.

Our clients include companies in the food, beverage, personal and home care, consumer durables, luxury goods, clothing and footwear, leisure, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and other sectors. Our breadth of experience and expertise, combined with our extensive ecosystem of best-in-class partners, ensures that we will develop effective solutions to meet your specific needs.


Our approach

Solutions for consumer products

Digital transformation, once a necessity, is now an urgent priority for consumer products brands. Starting with a deep understanding of your business and the consumer products industry, we help you find the right use cases to develop digital capabilities that foster consumer-centric innovation.

Supply and demand forecasts
Making investment decisions
Providing the organization with data
Supply chain

Use of consumer goods in different areas

Consumers are not only individuals, but also organizations engaged in the following activities.





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cars and motorcycles

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Quickly start delivering the right messages to your customers and develop your team’s skills.

Next Generation Key Account Management

Tectonic shifts in the retail landscape and rapidly changing customer needs require CPGs to reinvent themselves. Next-generation key account management allows you to work closely with retailers to jointly define and execute optimal value creation strategies.

Mergers and acquisitions strategy

Your M&A strategy should be a logical extension of your growth strategy and should be based on a disciplined and repeatable model that supports frequent and increasingly large deals.

What we're doing

Digital supply chain



To connect with your consumers, you need to know where they’re looking, how they’re buying, and even exactly when they’re ready to buy. Using consumer profiles, augmented by artificial intelligence systems and retailer partnerships, we can help you create “segment of one” targeting tailored to specific channels and capable of scaling to capture huge market share.

Client information

From food to consumer durables, product portfolio management requires new ways of working with customer information. To guide brand investments and reshape segmentation, our “demand-driven growth” approach maps what drives consumer choice in each category or niche so you can position yourself profitably with strong growth potential.

Consumer goods


We have a great opportunity to make sustainability a source of competitive advantage along the entire value chain. We help you reshape your decision-making process to make sustainability a core corporate value, tying it to shareholder returns.

Fashion Industry

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In addition, Marrbery has experience assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operations and product planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy and brand management.

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