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Consulting is advising enterprises, managers and management personnel on legal, financial, investment and other issues. Marrbery employs experienced professionals and leaders. The main goal of consulting is to solve a particular problem in business and achieve the set goals. 

We co-create and implement innovative solutions that help you better connect with your customers, build resilience, and drive sustainable growth.

What is consulting

When an entrepreneur, a businessman is just starting to do business, he almost inevitably faces various difficulties in tax, financial and marketing issues. As activities scale up, the number of problems increases: how best to manage the profits, how to attract investors, in which direction to develop the product. 

You can look for the best solutions on your own for a long time and learn from your mistakes, but it’s much better to ask experienced specialists to do everything right the first time. That’s what consulting is for.

Why consulting is needed

The purpose of consulting is to improve certain business indicators: profitability, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, market value. A company that does not have the necessary specialists in its staff turns to third-party experts for advice.

Consulting tasks can be different, for example:

  • Assistance in drawing up a business plan, product roadmap.
  • Comprehensive development of a marketing strategy.
  • Correct positioning of the company in the market.
  • Implementation of marketing tools in the existing business model.
  • Analysis of business, niche, target audience, company product.
  • Accompanying complex transactions and drawing up profitable contracts.
  • Optimization of current business processes.
  • Reducing costs and losses at all levels.
  • Improving the quality of organization management.
  • Making a financial forecast for the company.

Consulting is needed to help businesses effectively solve emerging or predicted problems, eliminate erroneous decisions and achieve planned goals.

Types of consulting

The classification of consulting is not unified, so you may encounter different methods of systematization. We work in all directions.

Management consulting

Marrbery goal is to identify factors that hinder the development of the company, and find solutions to eliminate these factors. In this case, everything that is not related to production or financial consulting is explored. This type of consultation is needed when there is a problem that the company cannot find on its own, or to identify possible problems in the future. They also turn to general consulting if the company's potential is not fully realized.


We use everything to improve production. They investigate everything related to the manufacture or sale of products - technical capabilities, logistics, personnel situation.


We will take care to track your cash flows, identify ways to save, predict investment options. Explore everything related to the external and internal circulation of money.


Organizations now need a fundamentally different approach to creating and managing technology, as well as large-scale transformation, better suited to the ever-changing realities of today's business landscape. That's where we enter.


We help you with consultants to analyze problems and work with company representatives to find a solution. In this case, the specialist not only develops a procedure, but also helps to implement it. Most often, process consulting involves long-term support.


We help you lay the foundation you need to sustain and scale your employee. A Marrbery consultant looks for a solution, helps with its implementation, and also trains the staff. The purpose is to improve the skills of employees or to train them in the necessary work methods.


We start to change from day one, our specialists with experience in the right field are attracted to find the problem and develop its solution. We analyze the situation and draw up a plan of action. This concludes his work.

Experience and influence

business accelerated
implementation of business automation and innovation
financial costs have been reduced
- %


General Directions

This includes determining the effectiveness of the management system, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, company development, improving the organizational structure, strategic planning.

Financial management

It includes the study of accounting systems, financial turnover, issues of increasing profits and incomes, taxation, cost.


This category includes the sphere of advertising and sales, design, market research, pricing, retail sales, public relations and marketing in its various manifestations.

Information Technology

This section includes areas that relate to automated control systems, administrative and information retrieval systems, design, development and installation of systems.


This category explores everything related to office administration, department management, workspace planning, risk management, security.

Personnel management

This is the culture of the corporation, management training, search and selection of personnel, issues of motivation and encouragement.


These are automation, industrial engineering, production management, procurement, equipment use, quality control, packaging and other production issues.

Specialized Services

This includes such types of consulting as legal, environmental, information, engineering, telecommunications and other options that require a highly specialized expert.

Forms of consulting


As a rule, these are one-time consulting services on issues arising from the client.


The specialist uses various methods and tools to model future situations. As a result, the client can find the best development path for himself.

Participation in client activities

In this case, the expert accompanies the client from beginning to end. First, he analyzes the business, finds flaws, looks for solutions, and then helps to implement these solutions. Evaluates results and makes adjustments as needed.


An expert examines various data, analyzes them in relation to the desired result, forms hypotheses and offers solutions that will help the client achieve the desired goal.

Audit and audit

The consultant examines the client's business, identifies all the shortcomings and errors, suggests ways to eliminate negative aspects.

The power of communication in business



Structural divisions or companies that belong to a corporation or group of companies and work with a limited range of clients.


The value of deep industry knowledge



Consumer goods and services

Infrastructure, construction and building materials

Forest products, paper and packaging

Financial services





Public service





Car equipment

Renewable energy sources

Private Equity


Travel and tourism industry

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