Large-scale infrastructure projects challenge governments, transportation authorities, developers, design and construction firms around the world. Marrbery provides the building blocks necessary for public and private sector clients to succeed.

Engineering and construction

The civil engineering industry accounts for 6% of the world’s GDP and jobs. Harnessing this engine of economic growth requires that project owners-usually governments-have a clear vision of new trends in the industry and a commitment to making bold decisions.



Our real estate consultants work with clients across the industry value chain and across all real estate asset classes. Our work is divided into three main areas.


Including corporate growth, portfolio strategy, business strategy and mergers and acquisitions.


Support for companies undergoing organizational restructuring, process reengineering or operations improvement.


Helping customers create intelligent embedded environments, new businesses and data-driven services.

Real estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world. But despite its impressive scale, the industry has historically been slow to embrace innovation, a problem that persists even after it has entered a long period of disruption and unprecedented change. Now that’s changing. Digital technology, Urbanization, an emphasis on sustainability and affordable construction are pushing the industry forward. Marrbery is helping players of all types both benefit from and defend against new trends.



Our approach to the real estate sector

Marrbery’s team of real estate experts from around the world has extensive experience in key areas of the industry lifecycle:

  • Investing Money. Our diverse team of real estate advisors works in all aspects of asset and portfolio management, including private equity funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), sovereign wealth funds and pension funds.
  • Transaction. From major commercial real estate brokerages to online real estate marketplaces, we support some of the biggest names in the industry.
  • Building. Marrbery regularly advises builders, developers and construction project managers on real estate development issues to support decision-making and ensure their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Management. We support leading players in property and facilities management around the world as well as major corporations in determining how the future of work will affect their use of space and property management.

Transport infrastructure

Effective planning, financing, construction, and management of transportation infrastructure around the world can increase accessibility and facilitate trade, improve mobility, create more employment opportunities, and increase overall economic productivity.



Our teams work with different categories of transportation infrastructure to enable owners, investors, construction companies and operators to make huge profits in every business segment.





What does MARRBERY offer in Infrastructure?

Complete Assessment of Design, Procurement and Construction Capabilities: identifies high-level aspirations and performs top-down diagnostics to assess the potential impact of following best practices and verifying value through illustrative analysis. It is very useful for engineering, procurement and construction companies facing profitability challenges due to increasing competition in the marketplace. Digital Maturity Index (DMI): helps clients pave their way to digital transformation. DMI assesses an organization's digital maturity across seven dimensions: organization and talent, culture, strategy, digital platform, digital assets, project workflows, and operations workflows. These metrics are assessed on five levels, allowing customers to map a digital roadmap. Project Production Management: improves planning using operations science and helps deliver projects on schedule with optimal use of resources. It models construction sites as a production line to reduce cycle times and increase productivity by accounting for variability and controlling buffers. It also accounts for capacity, inventory, and variability to close the gap in current project management. Sustainable Design and Construction: Helps clients assess impact levels with detailed baseline emissions, de-carbonize the value chain in buildings and infrastructure, establish a sustainability strategy, and plan for sustainable project turnaround and contracting.

Selected ideas about infrastructure

Creating a brighter future for airports

Severely affected airports can recover from the crisis by adapting their economic models, contributing to the sustainability of the industry and realizing their full digital potential.

Foundation for the future of real estate

The impact of COVID-19 underscored the need for buildings and cities to be livable, sustainable, accessible and resilient - the four pillars that define the vision for the future.

Putting residents at the center of urban mobility planning

A citizen-centric city can find innovative solutions to age-old problems and improve the quality of life for the people who live in it.

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