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Have you thought about how AI will change the course of history?

Selected analytical information Have you ever wondered how AI will change the course of history?     Article Your browser does not support the audio element.             Download PDF Print Generative AI creates value now. The speed of scaling by properly mobilizing the organization and focusing on value will be […]

What is design thinking?

Selected analytical information What is design thinking?   Article Your browser does not support the audio element. Download PDF Print Design Thinking is a methodology that helps organizations effectively solve complex problems and create innovative solutions that are focused on customer needs. This approach is based on the inclusion of creative thinking, data analysis, and […]

Eco packaging

Fashion Eco-Friendly Packaging Pack your product in biodegradable and sustainable packaging with a cool design.   What is Biopackaging? Eco-friendly packaging based on natural materials is environmentally friendly throughout its entire life cycle. The ingredients – industrial starch, fibers and water – are bio-based and renewable. Energy-efficient, low-carbon production makes the material suitable for home […]

Тематическое исследование Управление приложениями нового поколения

Topical research The transportation industry’s call: next-generation application management The need for speed and economy and control   4 minutes of reading At a glance Innovative application management services enable Transport Industrial to increase efficiency and improve digital and analytical capabilities. challenge Companies are undergoing radical change driven by digitalisation, automation, electrification and industrial consumerism. […]

Тематическое исследование Призыв к облаку

Topical research call to the cloud The need for speed and agility   3 minutes of reading At a glance Modern manufacturing businesses rely on frequent collaborative innovation to develop next-generation products and services for their customers. However, as legacy telephony systems, communications platforms, and file sharing technologies age, companies are facing a fragmented and […]

Topical research Shoe factory

Fashion Topical research Footwear company takes bold steps to turn sustainability into a profit Comprehensive analysis and comparative analysis allow you to draw up a clear plan for increasing EBITDA   3 minutes of reading At a glance We have supported their ambitions with our proven portfolio value creation approach. By focusing solely on marketing, […]

Meet me in metaverse

Fashion Meet me in the metaverse The next wave of digital change is here, giving promising companies the opportunity to act today to be ready for the future.   What is the metaverse? The physical world comes alive with new possibilities, environment after environment, each with its own rules. We already have small smart physical […]

Capitalize on new grid technologies

Fashion Capitalize on new grid technologies Learn how advanced technology is leading the electric power industry into a new future that can provide added value for customers and new opportunities for utilities and other service providers.   What are the sources of energy   ENERGIES are substances and processes found in nature that allow humans […]