International business

The process from creating a small business to scaling it into the global economy.

We help companies navigate an increasingly fragmented and volatile global economy.

International business is in many ways similar to national business, but there are significant differences that must be taken into account for the successful implementation of international strategies. Even as the world becomes more decentralized politically and physically, customers, devices, services, processes and businesses continue to be digitally integrated. The simultaneous rise of economic nationalism and digital globalization is redefining the international business landscape. We help companies adapt their products, approaches and business models to the new world realities. Companies must take a more nuanced approach to identifying and creating opportunities for growth.


We help companies cope with the effects of global volatility by creating capabilities and structures that enable data integration, flexibility and agility across borders and enterprises.

International trade

To secure a cost advantage, companies need to expand their global footprint to enable them to manufacture and ship products to countries at low cost and sell to virtually any national market.

Digital Ecosystems

Some digital ecosystems are developing solutions such as the connected car or the smart home. Others bring buyers and sellers together on a digital platform.

Market entry strategy

We help companies rethink their go-to-market plans and improve their performance with an integrated approach to sales and distribution.

Economic development

We help companies rethink their go-to-market plans and improve their performance with an integrated approach to sales and distribution.

Developing markets

Markets are not monolithic, so we help companies identify differentiated approaches so they can succeed in each one.

Global hotspots

Established businesses in India, Brazil, Asia finding collaboration between governments and online markets will help these digital platforms create jobs and drive growth across the continent.

Client information

With a rich knowledge of customers and the right strategy to act on them, leaders can seize growth opportunities and solve pressing business problems.

Joint ventures

Marrbery helps companies get more out of these relationships by avoiding common mistakes throughout the life cycle of a joint venture.

Strategic Alliances

We help companies develop and implement such alliances, with a focus on unlocking their full potential.

Direct foreign investment

With many products now digitized and Industry 4.0 technologies making it more practical to re-do certain work, governments need to create an efficient and sustainable mechanism for foreign direct investment in international business.

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Electronic commerce

Experience and Influence

Therefore, our specialists are able to solve issues of any complexity. We provide world-class services and understand Ukrainian specifics.

Family business


Global brand expansion through franchising is low risk, requires minimal investment, and offers huge growth potential for scaling opportunities.

Product innovation and development

Business models

Top priority industries for international markets

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Software and IT Services

Environmental technologies

Financial services

Logistics and transport

Medical technology


Agricultural economy


Competitor analysis






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n addition, Marrberry has experience assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operational and product planning, including research and development, go-to-market models, marketing strategy and brand management.


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