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We offer powerful consulting solutions based on global standards and best practices. We develop sustainable development strategies using innovative data analysis methods, including machine and deep learning on neural networks 

Food industry

Marrbery Artificial Intelligence-based forecasting and sustainable development strategy development module implemented  


Use of biodegradable and recycled materials. Complete biodegradability of packaging in 12 months


Developed concept of complex automation and launch of the solution 


Quantitative measures of cost reduction, productivity improvement, quality improvement, time reduction, etc.


The solution was integrated with existing information systems. After 3 months, the system has already reached full performance 


Reducing the cost of operations. Increased productivity. Reduction of errors.

Strategic foresight for success

Business value: better solutions, higher profits, future success

Food industry

This document analyzes the key factors of the external environment (economy, politics, technology, etc.) and provides a forecast of your development now. It focuses on analyzing the external environment and forecasting future market trends.


This document is a more detailed analysis of the market and industry trends. It also contains recommendations for businesses to adapt to these trends. The document is useful for CEOs and management of companies that want to make strategic decisions for the development of their business.

All spheres

This document focuses on internal analysis and strategic forecasting for the company. It provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of the company and the market, as well as forecasts and recommendations for business development now and in the future!

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