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We believe that success in automation requires more than just great technology.

Automation is changing the way companies operate. But while many companies are exploring opportunities through pilot projects, they find it difficult to scale automation across the enterprise. And all too often the benefits fall short of expectations. 

We partner with you on a path to end-to-end automation that starts with aligning your organization with capabilities—and what it takes to use them—through all stages of business and technical planning, culminating in successful deployment and implementation. full potential value. We boldly think about the possibilities of automation and how it fits into your company’s business strategy. We work with your business and technical teams to identify and prioritize the right automation capabilities, develop business cases, conduct proof-of-concept and pilot projects, and support full scale deployments. Most importantly, we help you set up the right governance and change management that will work in your unique culture.

How we see business reimagined through automation

Мы поддерживаем весь спектр возможностей автоматизации, чтобы обеспечить максимальную отдачу от ваших усилий по автоматизации.

Have a plan

We help you develop a multi-year roadmap that takes into account the financial and non-financial benefits of automation, assesses the risks, and identifies the investments and resources needed to succeed.

Look ahead

We take a forward-thinking approach as we help you reimagine end-to-end processes and prioritize automation projects that deliver the most value.

Start strong

We will ensure that your investment aligns with your business strategy and is based on a comprehensive evidence base created using state-of-the-art processes and tools.

Win hearts and minds

We start change management from day one, secure management sponsorship, and create the right engagement and communication plans at every level of the organization. We work side by side with your business and technical teams to make automation a success.

Lock in value

We help you re-engineer processes and track results post-deployment to make sure you realize the promised financial and non-financial benefits of your automation efforts.

Maintain value

We help you lay the foundation needed to sustain and scale your automation journey long after our engagement ends by defining the governance model, creating centers of excellence, identifying skills and talent gaps, and clarifying the role of internal and external resources.

Experience and influence

business accelerated
implementation of business automation and innovation
financial costs have been reduced
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How we help our clients

Assessing Automation Opportunities

Understanding the process

From computer vision and natural language processing to artificial intelligence and simulation learning, we apply advanced technologies to observe and then automate human tasks while providing end-to-end transparency and control.

Automation support

Management of automation programs

Which industries need automation

Technologies needed to overcome many long-standing barriers to factory automation




Financial services





The medicine

Agricultural economy

Car equipment

Renewable energy sources


Business process automation

Using AI in your business



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In addition, Marrberry has experience assisting clients in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operational and product planning, including R&D, go-to-market models, marketing strategy and brand management.


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