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The transportation industry's call: next-generation application management

The need for speed and economy and control


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Innovative application management services enable Transport Industrial to increase efficiency and improve digital and analytical capabilities.


Companies are undergoing radical change driven by digitalisation, automation, electrification and industrial consumerism. At the heart of this revolution are applications that can make businesses more efficient, effective and innovative. The problem is that the application landscape in many companies has become too complex. It consumes too much IT resources and limits digital growth.

How can companies transform their application management services to innovate and add value? Staying ahead with the old application management models is no longer possible. Transport Industrial decided to modernize and streamline the application management services provided to their SAP landscape around the world. Marrbery is helping the company build a more strategic service over the next five years, with more automation, innovation and the ability to continually improve.

Strategy and decision

As part of our app service transformation, we are implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, enhanced automation, cognitive tools, and user support capabilities such as chatbots, push notifications, and more. These integrated tools provide an efficient and effective service; in addition, they help improve Transport Industrial’s business more broadly by providing a clearer picture of operational challenges. As a result, everything works more efficiently, freeing up resources for strategic digital initiatives. Application support is an integral part of Transport Industrial’s daily operations with over 35,000 users, including dealers, worldwide.

A platform that delivers multi-million dollar savings

95% integration

Employees and customers have successfully migrated to the application

80+% level

employee and customer satisfaction

< 4.5months

A modern, unified cloud collaboration and communication platform for flexible manufacturing businesses

Related features

Smart transport:

income cycle

GuaranteeFinance and Human Resources

Proactive Service

Application Management Services collects, centralizes, and analyzes data across the business to proactively monitor the SAP solution landscape. They cover:

Ticket clearance

RPA, AI and user support such as chatbots help resolve user queries with minimal manual effort

Monitoring and preventive maintenance

analyzes, tickets and templates to find problems and offer analysis. Reports and dashboards identify data trends for preventive action.


Events are proactively managed and tracked, flagging issues for resolution. There are specialists in the "Operations Control Room" ready to respond to warnings.

Business Service Monitoring

As IT incidents pile up, we evaluate their impact on business services and service level agreements to minimize business disruptions.

Continuous Improvement

Identify areas for improvement by reviewing accumulated historical data, optimizing the overall operational setup to meet business needs.


Cloud collaboration at its best

Most importantly, automation frees up Transport Industrial’s resources to focus on strategic digital initiatives for customers, primarily connected vehicles, market service solutions, and advanced precision farming technologies.

Transport Industrial can now solve problems faster and more efficiently, maintain quality and increase productivity while reducing costs. But the benefits don’t end there. Proactive management and rapid problem response enable Transport Industrial employees and dealers to better serve their customers. This results in improved operational efficiency and better customer service.

This is the first step in supporting next generation application services in Transport Industrial. Marrberry and Transport Industrial will continue to collaborate on innovations to unlock value, increase investment potential and drive growth.

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