The store of the future - what will it look like?

Today, leading brands and retail chains are faced with the question “How not to lose yourself?”.


The future of retail


The most popular will be stores that can provide not only the basic needs of the buyer, but also satisfy his social needs, providing new opportunities for communication and entertainment, enhanced by interesting communication. The stores of the future will provide the customer with much more value than just a purchase by performing such functions.

We are waiting for a revolution in stores

Now is the time for retailers to commit to fully integrating online and offline, and to change the purpose, function, and operating model of stores.

Customer Focused Experience

Strengthening the emotional connection of customers with the brand occurs through the acquisition of an interesting and outstanding experience. This includes additional services: promotions, entertainment, gamification, education, shop-in-shop – something that attracts customers and gives them additional emotion.

Place of meetings and communication

Store spaces become meeting places. Stores begin to fulfill a social function, creating unique opportunities for customers to communicate with each other.

Seamless integration online and offline

The experience customers have when they visit a physical retail space plays a very important role, despite the rapid development of online shopping. Stores are being digitally updated and are becoming a place to support seamless communication with customers through convenient online and offline integration. 

Emphasis on value

Stores become curators, motivating shoppers to make healthy, quality choices and promoting products from local manufacturers in the range.


Visiting the retail space influenced by the smartphone creates a more personalized journey for the shopper and a combination of online and offline experiences. App-based interaction affects all stages of the buying journey: from the beginning of the search, navigation and making selections to payment, product pickup and subsequent service.

Today’s brands have long translated communication to smartphones and apps through targeted ads, push messaging and other value-added features.

Digital and dynamic displays

Linking traditional and media advertising

mobile and AR apps

Personalized ads (linked to a loyalty program or mobile app).

Post service

– Loyalty Program

– Personalized offers. 

These technologies enable retailers to grow traditional store formats, achieving greater speed, accessibility and personalization at a lower cost. In addition, they provide the ability to collect personalized information about the customer and their shopping cart.

retail technologies are needed right now

Smart shelves

Smart store shelves are the answer to the need for distributors and retailers to automatically link the supply chain to store inventory levels. It is an important part of smart retail outlets, equipped with technology in the form of cameras, shelf scales and other sensors that allow customers to shop quickly, efficiently and intuitively.

interactive applications

Analyze which products are bought more often in offline stores and which ones online, so that you can distribute them properly to your stores. Integrate with online cash registers. Monitor item balances to plan your purchasing budget and replenish stock on time. Analyze item margins to assign prices efficiently. Identify and purchase only in-demand items to increase retail sales.

augmented reality technologies

AR in retail, this technology allows e-commerce websites to recommend products that are right for that customer and allows people to search for products using a dialogue format or just pictures, as if they were talking to a person.

online and offline integration


click & collect
 digital communications
smart carts
interactive applications
 augmented reality technologies
Cashier-less stores
 flexible sales models
crossing over to the metaverse universe

From big to small: the future belongs to new formats

Rethink the role of your store

Ensure omni-nanality

Offer convenient and secure payment methods

Organize the delivery of goods

Rethink the role of salespeople and other staff

Become a Values Translator

Brands face a tough choice between building their own platform or using an existing one. The only way to build such a digital platform is through huge investments in logistics, supply chain integration, omni-channel customer relationship solutions, analytics, tax management, purchase history, personalized recommendations for customers, personalized management for large retailers, and a host of other technology stacks.


The challenges for retailers in this area lie not only in the complexity of building a productive store, but also in the fact that going online changes the essence and culture of business. In parallel, it is necessary to build the practice of continuous development of digital marketplace and related services, as well as the ability to quickly implement new solutions. Choose Marrbery as your partner and we will help you meet your challenges.

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