what will be the fashion

What is fashion

Fashion is a social and psychological reaction. People reveal their inner and social state through the wearing of certain clothes.
Fashion is similar to pop culture. It can be extremely frivolous and transient.
Fashion is the spirit of the times. It reflects historical events and can be repeated.
Fashion is an international phenomenon. Designers borrow foreign styles and adopt them and add their innovations.
Fashion brings meaning. Designers convey different meanings through shapes and patterns, and customers love to find those hidden meanings.
Fashion is a great economic gas pedal. It increases income from people’s desire to associate themselves with new images.
Fashion depends on gender. Clothes for men and women are not the same.


Simplifying the shopping process

New technologies that have been actively developed over the past couple of years – such as live streaming shows or augmented reality fitting – are set to take root in the new season and make shopping much easier, making shopping easier and hassle-free for almost everyone. Starting in 2022, brands will begin testing these and other new tools in detail.

Irregular renewal

According to analysts’ forecasts, European brands will be able to return to pre-daunting indicators only in 2023. A more rapid resumption will take place in countries with a developed health care system and resilient economy.

Stagnant logistics

The fashion industry is directly dependent on a complex supply chain that is still in the renewal phase. Shipments are delayed through logistical congestion, rising delivery costs and product shortages. This is the first reason why many companies will have to rethink their logistics strategies.

Metacommuniverse Thinking

Next year, companies will begin to realize the potential of tokens, games and virtual fashion even more dynamically. The reason is the popularization of virtual goods and digital.

Product passports

Brands want to fight replicas and build loyalty by increasing consumer trust, so they use product passports. To maximize results, businesses need to unite around common standards.


visions and values.


Although the buyer is purchasing a product, the perceived value is related to using that product to solve his or her tasks or problems. That is, in the buyer's mind the product is perceived as a solution.

100% mobility

The growth of mobile commerce is no accident. In recent years, the mobile market has literally exploded with the number of new products and flagships that delight users with the ease of shopping. The number of mobile device users also continues to grow steadily.

online business

The fashion market will not live by the old laws. The online world dictates its own rules and displaces the usual business models. The new segment of digital fashion is only a year old, but it has every chance of becoming the king of the fashion industry.

online development.


1. brand
2. Design
3. Quality
4. Marketing

5. Omnichannel
6. eCommerce
7. Variety of payment options.
8. Instant delivery

Promotion and development


Mergers and acquisitions



Intelligent Strategy





What benefits digital fashion brings to the brand.

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– The ethical aspect of digital fashion and the impact on the environment;
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Now companies are moving online


Because customer tastes and styles vary, there’s no universal forecasting model that works for all retailers. That’s why each unique case requires its own data set, proprietary forecasting algorithm, and implementation guidelines.

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